About Me

I have spent the last 15 years studying and working in the field of instructional design and technology. In 2015, I graduated with my master’s degree in Instructional Systems at Florida State University. Throughout my professional and academic career, I have been involved in many instructional design projects. Although each project was different and was based on a larger number of variables (e.g. type of content, size, specific target audience), my main role was to facilitate the development of learning and to determine the best solution to meet the needs of the learner and also the organization. In addition to my work experiences, through my career, I have also had a chance to be involved in a number of academic publications and presentations related to instructional design and technology.

Qualifications and Skills

As an instructional designer, I have consulted and collaborated with subject matter experts (i.e., SMEs), evaluated and developed instructional materials, and assessed and implemented program evaluation plans. Below, I have outlined my qualifications:

    Project Management and Leadership

    -Organize instructional products to be designed, developed, and evaluated. - Work on multiple, complex projects by following essential project management steps (i.e., initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling).


    Effectively communicate and collaborate with SMEs: (i) to identify and analyze program or course core competencies and necessities, (ii) to produce design documents for the course including syllabi, competency analysis, course outline, assignments, assessments and rubrics.


    Design pedagogically effective online learning environments applying sound instructional design and best practices. - Design course layouts and flows for appropriate access to learning activities. - Stay current with emerging technologies, methods, and learning theories.


    - Develop new instructional materials and multimedia components (e.g., graphics, audio, video, and animation) to facilitate learning and improve performance by using appropriate technologies (e.g., Articulate® Storyline, Camtasia Studio®, Adobe® Captivate®, HTML/CSS) based on development standards, SCORM and ADA.

    Implementation and Evaluation

    - Implement formative and summative evaluation plans. - Prepare and disseminate course evaluation report for partnership. - Train partnerships on course functionality.

Experience at a Glance

Throughout my professional and academic career in the instructional design and technology field, I have worked in many organizations. Below is a list of organizations that I have experiences with:
Tallahassee Community College - Tallahassee, FL
- 18 months experience as an Instructional Designer. - Worked to create engaging, interactive, and instructionally sound online courses for the faculty and other members of the instructional community.
Florida State University - Tallahassee, FL
-7 years experience as both a practitioner and a researcher in the field of instructional systems design. - Worked in some research projects as a graduate assistant.
Hacettepe University - Ankara / Turkey
- 4 years experience both a practitioner and a researcher in the field of instructional technology - Created and organized courses (including designing learning objects) in the online environment.

What professors and colleagues say about me

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